DG's Message
As the Director General of the Dr. MCR HRD Institute, I have immense pleasure to welcome you to our Institute’s web site. We are making all-round efforts to improve the functioning of the Institute to bring it to the level of a national CENTER of excellence for training. Established in 1976 as Institute of Administration (IoA) and subsequently renamed as the Dr. Marri Channa Reddy Human Resource Development Institute, the Mandate of the Institute is to act as an APEX training Institute and facilitate implementation of State and Central Government training policies through the departmental training institutes and the District Training Centres.
During the year 2014-15, a total of 190 trainings were conducted on campus and 567 programmes through our District Training Centres spread over 23 Districts of the undivided Andhra Pradesh. A total of 18,919 trainees were covered in the above mentioned trainings. A number of key training programmes would be implemented during the year 2015-16. These include a Crash Foundation Course for backlog batches of All India/ Central Civil Services, Foundation Course for Assistants (Direct Recruit) of the Central Secretariat Services, Foundation Course for the Assistant Section Officers of the AP/Telangana State Secretaries.
Our focus this year will also be on the overall improvement of the quality of trainings and more focus on trainings for senior level functionaries. Another important area of our focus this year would be to facilitate formulation of State Training Policy in light of NTP 2012, playing the role of APEX Training Institute and strengthening the departmental trainings.
By March 2016, this Institute will be completing four decades of dedicated service to the field of training and capacity building. It is planned to organise various events throughout the year to mark this achievement.
I hope you are able to navigate through our website easily and find the details you are looking for. You may send your feedback / suggestions to info@mcrhrdi.gov.in
Sri Vinod K. Agrawal, IAS
Director General & E.O. Spl. CS to Govt.